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It’s Time to Focus on Teams

I was just watching a video of a group of elephant crossing a river and the youngest of them was getting swept away by the current. Then the group of elephants came together, with a great team effort they finally saved the baby elephant.

This prompted me to think, that is there any job in the world which can be accomplished by a single person? The answer, as we all know, is for a job to be completed successfully, a team work is essential and must.

Why do people in an organisation tend to show that all is done by themselves and why do we find only a few leaders who puts the team before individual? The reasons are two prongs, the present generation is growing in a micro family where the concept of team work is extremely limited. The schools and educational institutions also have a limited focus on team performance and kudos are reserved for individual brilliance. In the process, they grow up singly with a mindset of individualistic performance. The organisations, on the other hand, till now are extremely limited in appreciating teams and team performances, the reward and recognition methods, still today, revolves around individuals. this leads to unhealthy competition and the organisation suffers.

It is of extreme importance that we inculcate a team behavior amongst growing individuals and steer their thoughts to larger and larger teams. This will help them to work on issues related to global crisis. Organisations should maximize their focus on team performance. Effective team meetings help organisation to have an edge in all respect whether it is innovation of a product or making the current process more effective. Its time we have a vertical in HR looking after the team work and putting in efforts to increase team efforts. Its time not be a team of STARS but a STAR team.


S K Mukhopadhyay


infinigent consulting Ltd.


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