Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and popular as well. Over 2.7 billion active users (and growing continuously!) and the most-growing advertising channel, Facebook advertising helping thousands of businesses growing big and earning more revenue. In this social era, you must have presence on Facebook.


  1. Huge audience
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. Build Lookalike Audience
  4. Demographic Targeting
  5. Continues Improvement
  6. Reach Customer Through Messenger
  7. Conversion Tracking & Retargeting

Why infinigent consulting?

We have Facebook advertising expert team, they analyze personally and manage every single aspect of the accounts. Selecting the most targeting audiences to prepare the most engaging ad copy for A/В testing, your campaign is extremely maintained by analysts each step of the way. We don’t use robots!

Flexible & Responsible Team

We have a flexible and responsible team with the expertise that differentiates them in this industry. They analyze, make plans, take actions, and send you reports for your business growth.

In-House Creative Team Is Here for You

We have the highly talented creative person on our creative team. Their contribution is more than we can describe. You know, creative ad copy and design make a huge difference in making Facebook Marketing successful.

Optimization is the key

In order to meet your business goal, our team will assist you to make the best strategy and optimize your existing one.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

Our paid marketing team talk to our clients biweekly to discuss new challenges, progress, strategy, and ongoing goals.

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